About Us

Digital Marketing Consultant Dave MassinghamHi, my name is Dave Massingham and I am an entrepreneur, small business owner, digital marketing consultant and a search engine optimisation specialist. I am the youngest of 7 children to an amazing mother who lost her husband to illness in 1980. I grew up in Maryborough following in my 5 brothers footsteps attending St Mary's Catholic Primary and High School and also around the football fields, cricket grounds and following my mother and sister around the house.   I have followed in the footsteps of my brothers who believed in ourselves and knowing if I set a goal like Anthony Robbins by describing it, writing it out on piece of paper and clearly seeing what we want to achieve, then it will come true. I am not one to lie down and give up on my goals. If I want something, I create a goal, a vision and a plan....and that is how Massingham Marketing was born in 2010. I also like to see others succeed. I am ambitious in giving back to my friends, family and my community and showing them how they can change their life. I look forward to sharing my successes one day in the future and helping people shape their destiny! “If you want to really transform your life into something different, and I mean in any area – relationships, finance, business, whatever – you have got to create a vision. You have to have a vision of who YOU want to become!” – Dave Massingham If you are ready to transform your business and increase sales, please contact our office by clicking here.