Small Business Marketing Consultant

Small Business and Digital Marketing ConsultantHi, my name is Dave Massingham and I am a small business marketing consultant. I focus on search engine optimization, lead generation and assisting businesses create growth in sales.


Consultation and Business Advise

Massingham Marketing offers a range of consultation services. Consultations are primarily 1 on 1 with the business owner or operating manager. During a consultation we cover pain points in the your current business model, find the solutions on how to get these minimised and review opportunities which are available that aren’t currently being pursued.



How do I know it it’s right for me?

All businesses can benefit from a consultation. You will be surprised how many things as part of your day to day operations have been overlooked or new products which could reduce the overheads of running your business and improve productivity. Additionally, external factors in things like sales can really benefit from the way a product is marketed or seen in the eyes of a consumer.

What is involved?

Our consultation and/or advice sessions are available at a time and place that suits you. We often find that most people have an initial consultation for 1-2 hours (depending on how in depth you want to go and the amount of questions you have), then touch base as questions arise.

What isn’t involved?

Massingham Marketing isn’t a qualified business advisor. We do however have years of experience in online marketing and have worked with business around the country from Vasse in Western Australia to Kyneton in Victoria to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. This experience has given members of our Team a vast knowledge of different environments which we can use to help you.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 0414677782.