Sunshine Coast Business Marketing Strategy

Please find below our Social Media Marketing Strategy as discussed. We do ask that you do not share this information with your associates as I want to help your business and save you money by providing this information for free.

If we can share one secret with you that will change your social media marketing, it is to be interactive with your page and followers and to comment, share and like posts because Google looks at the social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube everyday and is viewing your interaction on these platforms and in return when your marketing is done correctly (as outlined below) rewards your website with more traffic and higher rankings.

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How to Build Your Business Using Facebook – Follow these 3 simple steps
1. Log In to Facebook
2. Join the following Groups

3. Write and schedule a post for once or twice a week on Your Facebook Page and Share your Post into the above groups.

 Please Note:
It is recommended to post on your page and to share as this will benefit your Facebook Page and Website by providing social signals for Google.
From the Desk of Dave Massingham – Bonus
Sharing posts one after another within a few minutes time is a good way to get people to unfollow you or overlook all your posts. Businesses should use scheduling tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite to space out tweets and posts for optimal sharing times. For Facebook, marketers can visit “Insights” then “Posts” to see what times most fans are online.
On the other end of the spectrum, sharing infrequently or irregularly will make your followers forget you. Create a regular posting schedule so your readers know when to expect new content from you.
Things to Consider when Writing your Post.
  • When making a post whether it is your Website or Facebook Page or in the description box in YouTube, always use the http://www. or http:// before your URL (website link) as it will create a back-link to your website, which in turn creates power for your website marketing.
  • Always make a call to action in your marketing. In marketing, a call to action (CTA) is an instruction to the consumer to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as “call now”, “find out more” or “visit a store today”. Click Here for 60 Examples
  • Ensure your posts connects with your consumer.
  • Educate your consumer about your product or service or tell them what your post is all about.
  • Do you do deliveries (flowers, hampers etc)? Take photos of the special delivery and upload them to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Do you offer offer a special type of service? Same day delivery? Order by 3pm for Same Day Delivery?
  • Make sure your consumer is aware by branding your photos with a small corner logo.
  • Use Hastags when writing your posts as this will assist your networking with locals and local businesses who use hashtags as well. Click here to see an example of #SunshineCoastbeing used.
Strategy to Implement
  • Break the up the groups into 3 -5 groups. (Monday to Friday).
  • Schedule your posts for different days

    because if you post in all the groups on the same day, your friends/followers will see your posts in a row through your news feed and they will identify that you are marketing your business which could affect your customer base.

  • If you have a larger following, it may be beneficial to increase your posts to 3 – 5 a week.
  • Set aside 15 – 30 minutes a day to post into the groups, as it may take between 1 – 2 hours per week to promote your business (depending on the number of groups you join).
How to Structure Your Marketing Campaign
Please view the video content (as in the message that they are delivering) as they contain an amazing strategy to market your business. If you like this strategy and would like to invest more time and money into Facebook Marketing and to grow the social media marketing for your business then watch –>
If you prefer to download the video to watch it later or to share with others in the office, then go here to YouTube and find the Documentary which will run for approximately 50 minutes and copy the link and paste into and download the video.
Upload, Tag, Like, Share and Comment
Step 1: Set a Date: Example 01.01.2015
Step 2: Organise 60 photos to be uploaded to your Facebook Page for 60 days following the date outlined above.
Step 3: Set these photos in an order of upload so you are making a post everyday. 
Step 4: Ask your customers if you can take a photo of them and upload it to Facebook.
Step 5: When uploaded, Tag the customer in the photo. 
Step 6: Ask the customer to Like Your Facebook Page 
Step 7: Ask the customer to Share the Photo with Their Friends.
Step 8: Ask the customer to Comment on the Photo with Their Friends.
Repeat Step 4 – 7 Daily!  Set photos will gather momentum and will spread the word about your business because when your customers make a post, their closest friends on Facebook are notified about their post and this will attract new Likes to your Facebook Business Page. This also helps build your Brand Marketing.
Build Relationships
There maybe a Local Business Page that relates to your business where you could cross promote each other?
  • Example 1. Electrician and LED Supplier
  • Example 2. Personal Trainer and Gym
Please Click on the link below and go through the list below and see what other groups and businesses you can find here on the coast that compliment your business.
Before contacting them,
  • Visit their page.
  • Like their page.
  • Make a Comment on their posts or pics.
  • Build relationship with them and share their posts or pics.
How big is your market? Do you want to grow bigger than just locally?
If you would like to expand your business and promote in Brisbane Groups, then please Click on the link below and go through the list below and see what groups you can find and join –>
Here is a short list I prepared for you
Other Ideas:   Being Interactive with your customers.
  1. When you have new products come in, take a photo of the product and upload and share it on Facebook.
  2. Run a promotion in store and when customers join the promo, take their photo and share it on Facebook.
  3. Ask your customers who have been in the store to check in on their Facebook Page.
  4. Create a story about a selection of products.
  • Go for a drive around the area one weekend and visit popular places like the Buderim Falls, Mooloolaba Rock Wall, Noosa National Park, Maleny, Caloundra etc…
  • Be creative.
  • Take 30 photos of the items on the beach at Noosa, the rocks at Caloundra, on a rug on the Hills of Maleny.
  • Upload the photos on Facebook over a couple of months.
  • Get the locals talking about the travelling items.
  • Maybe  create a competition out of it.
4 Things to Remember
  1. Stay Focused on Your Goals (both business and personal)
  2. Show Leadership
  3. Partner with other businesses that compliment your business and
  4. Do not give up!


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