Awesome is just one word!

To be honest, the traffic to my site has increased from day 1. I am defiantly over the moon about what Dave from Massingham Marketing has done for my business. Over the  last 2 months,  the new web enquiries have increased, they have been qualified buyers, which has resulted in converting potential customers into sales. One particular sale converted into a large project. Awesome work Dave!

Megan Cotton
Megan Cotton
Mega Bits

Your modern approach to business has made you a true pleasure to deal with from start to finish.We could not be more pleased with the results and we very much look forward to dealing with Massingham Marketing in the near future!

Just wanted to thank you for doing an amazing job with my website,  and fantastic work with the internet marketing. Im getting great results already, and its been only 3 weeks since you started. Many thanks for your brilliant service!

Todd Petrie
Todd Petrie Plumbing

My experience with Massingham Marketing over the last 9 months have been extremely positive. David has been as attentive to my developing business needs and has helped formulate a SEO strategy that has yielded great results in a market place that already has plenty of healthy competition.

In addition to this he has given me some tips so that I may be able to assist in consolidating and cementing my position in the discerning eye of my internet browsing audience. I thoroughly recommend his business on the basis of the amazing results and, furthermore, due to his reliable diligence.

All businesses should be using the power of video in their marketing.  I had considered a few companies before finding Dave with Massingham Marketing. He was professional, communicated well and his work and prices were perfect!  His development process was very easy and he produced a quality product quickly and efficiently.

Leah Squire 

FIT College have been a client of Massingham Marketing for 12 months with Video Marketing, Local and National Internet Marketing. We have  found that Dave is a very professional consultant, easily contactable and extremely well priced. It is great to have a local company to work with and we will continue this business relationship into the future. We have been extremely pleased with the results of the Video Creation Services, Internet  Marketing and Website Optimisation.

Lee Brabin 
Fit College

WOW! Massingham Marketing increased traffic to my website by 370%    I converted 1 in every 18 that visited my site  into a potential customer. In the first 30 days sales increased by nearly 800% They had turned my website into a money making machine. I could never be happier. I would recommend Dave and his business to anyone wanting to increase traffic and sales.

Frank_Mass Control
Frank Kerns 
Mass Control

I was very impressed with Massingham Marketing and their video production. Dave kept me informed throughout the progress of the video production and I was very happy with the end result. I would highly recommend Massingham Marketing to any business looking to increase their video marketing.

Carolyn Schonafinger 
Holidays to Europe